These Geeky Adventures| Dokdo

A nations sovereignty over its islands, no matter how far away they may geographically be, is one of the strongest of bonds. Threaten it and conflicts rage for longer than living memory. Early July saw a group of ESL teaching in Korea take a field trip to Korea's most important island: Dokdo. THIS island in… Continue reading These Geeky Adventures| Dokdo

ESL | Ice Cream Summer Bunting

SUMMER is upon us and the semesters lessons are wrapping up. This potentially leaves time to fill! I'm not making these with my students, I'm making them as decor for summer camp (well, that's the current plan) but I you could definitely adapt this activity for the classroom. Let' face it, who doesn't like ice… Continue reading ESL | Ice Cream Summer Bunting

A Year in Music | 2017 | 2nd Quarter

We're back again for another round of musical analysis! Pink songs feature in April and May Orange songs feature in May and June Green songs feature in April and June Blue songs feature in April, May and June (*) denotes that songs featured in the first quarter of 2017 April Top 10 | 2017 Wake Me Up - B.A.P * Good… Continue reading A Year in Music | 2017 | 2nd Quarter

ESL | Semester 1: 6th Grade Review Challenge

JULY is upon us and the the first half of the textbooks have almost been completed. With that comes the question of how to fill any remaining lessons. Some may forge ahead, others may have exams. This year, in my school, neither. I do believe my school doesn't do exams in semester one, but I'm… Continue reading ESL | Semester 1: 6th Grade Review Challenge

The Reading Nook | Three: Books I’ll (probably) Never Read

I spied this tag going around booktube after watching Ariel's video of the tag created by this lovely lady (go check them out) and thought I'd have a whirl at the same thing here on the blog. Let's get to it. What's a really hyped book you're not interested in reading?   Lady Midnight and… Continue reading The Reading Nook | Three: Books I’ll (probably) Never Read

ESL | The Open Class

WORKING in a public school in Korea means that once a year, in the run up to your contract renewal, you will face your open class. I've done 4 now, 3 of my own and 1 with my Co-Teacher at the time. I quite enjoy open classes, and in this post I'm going to share… Continue reading ESL | The Open Class

This Geeky Kitchen | The Madeline Experiment #1

I'VE recently had an attack of the blues. Muscle pain, tiredness and general 'meh-ness' has left me rather unproductive in recent weeks. Until yesterday. The mojo is back and the baking cogs were turning. I'VE always had a hankering to try Madelines and I've always found then a little heavy and dry.  My answer? My… Continue reading This Geeky Kitchen | The Madeline Experiment #1

This Months Bests | May 2017

HERE we are again. Already time for the second favourites (and if we're lucky this will go up on the correct Wednesday). I've played around the the format a little! Hope you like it! FOOD / DRINK AN old favourite and a new one this month. The old favourite is Coffee Travel (커피여행)  way out… Continue reading This Months Bests | May 2017

These Geeky Adventures | Boseong & Yeosu

THE sun has arrived in Korea! The weather is becoming deliciously warm and that means trips. Upon seeing photos, one half of the parental unit declared that I was on a permanent holiday - I like to see it as living in a place where the sun actually shines when it's suppose to, and where it's… Continue reading These Geeky Adventures | Boseong & Yeosu