This Geeky Kitchen | Adventures in Red Velvet

WE'VE another wee friend with us today - they're not just for school purposes! I'M rather fond of this wee chap! I made my first Red Velvet Cake a year ago in April 2017. I'd offered to make a friends birthday cake, any kind they liked. Their favourite was Red Velvet, a cake I have… Continue reading This Geeky Kitchen | Adventures in Red Velvet

Look + Listen

  AFTER years of simply writing everything onto the board in chalk, and not having labels to take from class to class, I'm seriously upping my game this school year. It was in class with one of my Co-Teachers, after greatly admiring her sub-heading labels, that I decided to make my own set. Not sure… Continue reading Look + Listen

Stay Away From The Snakes!

PREVIOUSLY, I posted a number of PPT games that I like to use in classes, but now I'm turning to the more traditional board game, and a classic at that. I remember playing hours and hours of snakes and ladders as a child - I have no idea if the board is still at home,… Continue reading Stay Away From The Snakes!

This Geeky Kitchen | Lemon Cake

MY name is Nancy, and I am a baker. BAKING is my happy place, and even if the bake itself is daunting, baking calms me down like nothing else. Perhaps it's the science of it, who knows. Either way, baking is a regular occurrence in my apartment - an oven was an imperative purchase after… Continue reading This Geeky Kitchen | Lemon Cake

Toast and the Gang | 2.0

TOAST has made some friends in the last few weeks! WITH his new friends have come more labels, this time for around the classroom, although you could use them for the board too! THESE were made to ┬ábe used in a Korean English classroom, hence the one sign in Korean - I figured one for… Continue reading Toast and the Gang | 2.0

Talking Pictures

SOMETIMES I miss the old instagram, the blunt lines, the blue, the old camera icon and, of course, the chronological feed! Before instagram changed, I made a set of picture prompts - instagram being the popular social network site that it is, I figured that most students would be familiar with it!  NOW I work… Continue reading Talking Pictures